What’s new at OMX

At OMX, we value our responsibility to keep on top of industry trends. Keeping this in mind, here’s what’s been happening lately at OMX.

We realize that it may be hard for companies, especially SMEs, to keep on top of all of the opportunities in the industry. This task could warrant hiring a specific employee for the job, which isn’t always feasible for small businesses. We’ve taken this feedback from our users and are offering a dedicated Account Manager to all of our clients.

The role of your Account Manager is to be aware of the opportunities in the industry and to let you know when an opportunity matches your capability. Think of your Account Manager as an extension of your sales team – they are more boots on the ground and will ensure that you get your best value engagement from your use of the platform.

At OMX, we also have an obligation to both sides of the supply chain – we have a responsibility to both the primes and the suppliers to provide value. This role is where your Account Manager comes in. Not only do they have a responsibility to make sure that you are aware of opportunities, but they also need to make sure that the prime contractors on the other end are finding the best Canadian suppliers with the capabilities that they need.

Meet your Account Manager:

Godfrey graduated from Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto with a BComm in Management. Since graduating, he has gained extensive experience in the Information Technology industry in functions including sales, recruiting and operations. With this passion for startups and the technology sector, Godfrey has co-created a digital space to share experiences and best practices, and is host of a podcast series featuring young, upcoming entrepreneurs. Godfrey is passionate about encouraging innovation by connecting Canadian SMEs with opportunities in the industry.

In his spare time, Godfrey enjoys playing rugby, and is currently the first team Flanker for the Toronto Buccaneers Rugby Club (Go Bucs!). On a weekend morning, he can often be found cheering on his beloved Manchester United, or tuning into the latest news in politics, economics, and global affairs. He also loves ice cream, but happens to be lactose intolerant.

On the tech side of things, OMX is always updating the platform based on our users’ feedback. In the past weeks, we have updated our payments system from Paypal to the more user-friendly Stripe. OMX’s integration with Stripe will make it easier for our users to change their subscription levels and monitor their payments. It will also make all subscription level changes automatic so that you will no longer have to wait for someone on the OMX Team to confirm your changes.

Additionally, we have upgraded our user registration process to make it easier for users to create their account and claim their company profile. Users can now associate their user account with an existing company profile directly from the registration page.

OMX has also added increased filtering to the organization profile, including options for women-owned and veteran-owned companies. These changes will make the platform more applicable to global users and will specifically help prime contractors find suppliers that meet their needed capabilities.

What’s coming up?

We’ve spent the past few months ramping up for two large shipbuilding procurements that are taking place this fall – the Arctic Offshore Patrol and Joint Support Ships In-Service Support (AJISS) contract and the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) contract.

OMX has been busy over the summer preparing for the AJISS contract. In-Service Support contracts are the maintenance of equipment and often last for 20-30 years, bringing long term, sustainable business that can be very beneficial for Canadian SMEs. AJISS is estimated to be worth $5 billion by the end of the contract. The bid is closing and primes have to have their Value Propositions prepared by October 25th.

CSC is the procurement for Canada’s future warship integration and design. The RFP is set to be released by the beginning of November. Although the RFP has not be formally released yet, all of the Primes intending to bid have already started identifying suppliers to be included on their Value Propositions and many are using OMX to do so. This contract is one of the largest procurements in Canadian history and is estimated to be worth $26 billion.

Our team at OMX has been reaching out to Canadian suppliers to make sure that they are aware of these upcoming procurements and know how to reach out to the Prime contractors bidding on them. If you are interested in engaging the bidders for these programs, login to your OMX account or contact one of our team members at support@theomx.com.

By: Katherine Jacome, Project Manager

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