OMX companies…”Verified”

Since nearly Day 1 of launching OMX, we were asked by both the world’s largest procurement departments and some of the smaller, but most experienced suppliers, to have layers of “verification” in the profiles. In other words, some level of endorsement, authentication, recommendation, a social “I know him/her and they do the following work…” cross over to the online platform. You’ve seen it on Linkedin and elsewhere, and now it is here on OMX to stay.
Now that it is officially here, live on the OMX platform, “Verified” rules of engagement are as follows:
  • Any organization in OMX can be verified by another company that is also verified.
  • The idea behind a company being verified is that someone proactively “vouches” for that company – in other words, that you know the organization, and as far as you know, their OMX profile is an accurate reflection of what they offer
  • It will remain anonymous whom verified whom, just that certain companies are indeed verified by other verified companies in OMX.
  • All of our major prime contractors and Tier 1s with significant presence in OMX, will be verified by the OMX team.


Like Linkedin (vs the Twitter “verified check mark” where you have to have a team of PR professionals lobby Twitter to verify you), OMX believes in allowing the community to work on its own, while it serves as the technology platform powering the connections.
By encouraging another verified company to endorse you, that may just be your leg up that distinguishes you from the crowd!
Happy Verifying – Nicole, Founder, OMX
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