OMX to Partner with RaceRocks 3D to Provide Quality Training Aids

OMX will be partnering with RaceRocks 3D, a Victoria-based high-tech company focusing on delivering award-winning Hollywood quality training and media to the defence, transportation, and safety industries, effective immediately. 

We welcome the opportunity to partner with a market savvy, business to business marketing organization like RaceRocks3D,” according to OMX CEO Nicole Verkindt. The new partnership will help OMX promote its members with the production of video marketing, e-learning and stakeholder engagement materials for PR purposes in conjunction with use of the OMX marketplace.

According to RaceRocks3D founder and CEO, Scott Dewis, “technology allows people to engage online and through video. This is 2014 and we shouldn’t be marketing a high tech, $12B industry with paper.”

Combining the connecting power of OMX and the creative talent of RaceRocks 3D will provide OMX member companies a competitive advantage in a market place that is putting more emphasis on meeting Industrial Technological Benefit (ITB) obligations and the mandatory identification of Canadian content allocations, both at contract award and within one year of signing.

RaceRocks3D and OMX executives know that time to connect and market is prior to the request for proposal (RFP) award so that prime contractors can maximise their Canadian Content Value (CCV).

There is currently $15Bln CDN in IRB’s owed to Canada by international primes and OEM’s with new programs creating $60Bln CDN in ITB’s over the next 15 years. Primes will never give money away, but if you can show that your innovative products and services add value to their business then they will add you to their team to gain CCV.

OMX gives you the competitive advantage to meet primes looking to place ITB’s for CCV, and RaceRocks gives you the ability to stand out from the crowd.

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