OMX Partner SDTC cited in the 24 SEVEN Video Blog for August 21st – 28th.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited the Cambridge Bay Wellness Centre in Nunavit last week to try out the new Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) Autonomous Community Solutions (ACS) 150.

Called the ACS 150 because it serves the “critical infrastructure needs” of a community of 150 people, the units will lower energy costs plus address waste disposal and clean water challenges in Canada’s northern and remote communities.

According to Rick Whittaker, the VP of investment and CTO at SDTC, “this could solve substantive problems throughout Canada’s north, because the communities there all face these issues. (The ACS 150 unit) provides critical infrastructure needs all in a modular containerized unit which allows it to be deployed where it is needed most. It’s a $42Bln CDN market globally so it represents substantial export opportunities for Canadian companies.”

SDTC is a Canadian not-for-profit foundation that finances and supports the development and demonstration of clean technologies which provide solutions to issues of climate change, clean air, water quality and soil, and which deliver economic, environmental and health benefits to Canadians.

To date, SDTC has completed 22 funding rounds and allocated a total of $598 million to 246 projects. That amount has been leveraged with an additional $1.6Bln CDN in funding from other project partners for a total project value of $2.2Bln CDN.

The interview with Whittaker begins at the 1:33 mark in the video. Enjoy.

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